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The International Convention Centre is the UK’s acknowledged centre of excellence for event organisers of all types of events. If you are attending an event at the ICC, and don’t wish to be kept awake by roaring traffic outside your window all night long, then Caversham is a wonderful base.

Being just minutes from Birmingham’s New Street station, the ICC is less than a thirty-minute journey door-to-door from Caversham, and saves you the undoubted hassle and not-insignificant expense of finding a parking space in the lively Birmingham City Centre. Of course, should you be entertaining others during your stay, or meeting up with friends, this option also solves the ‘who draws the short straw of being the designated driver?’

Symphony Hall is also located within the ICC, and holds around 270 events a year. Famous for the fantastic acoustics, Symphony Hall rightfully retains its place as the UK’s finest concert hall, even one of the best in the world, with it’s diverse range of music, whether it be classical, folk, jazz, rock or pop – not forgetting the stand-up comedy artists who also play there.

The International Convention Centre