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Symphony Hall was built to showcase the wealth of talent that existed in the UK in the operatic and more mainstream fields of music. When it opened its doors in 1991 it immediately received both public and critical acclaim due to the unique build design, by the renowned Russell Johnson. It is a little-known fact that the Hall floats on top of 2,000 rubber shock absorbers, which prevent any external vibrations from reaching the Hall.

Inside the Hall itself, the ceiling can be raised or lowered, reverberation chambers opened and closed, and dampening curtains extended or retracted to change the sound to suit the style of the performance. As such its acoustics are considered to be the finest in the world, alongside Amsterdam's Concertgebouw and Vienna's Grosser Musikvereinssaal.

In 2001, to mark the Hall's first decade, the installation of the 6000-pipe Symphony Organ was completed. This is the foreman of the installation team Jesef Pick, standing at the bottom of the pedal pipes.

Symphony Hall